About Anwiki

Anwiki is an innovative project started as a technical challenge by Antoine Walter, around november 2006.
It introduces a new way to manage, translate and synchronize multilingual contents.

Anwiki development

That's all for the moment...
Contact me if you are interested to enrol. We are looking for PHP, AJAX and/or CSS specialists, and artists or designers!


Volunteers giving their time to translate Anwiki in your mother tongue:
  • de Martin Basgier
  • fr Florentin Raud
  • gr Stefanos Patmanidis
  • it Panta ; Enrico Ferrazzi
  • lt Ruslanas Gžibovskis
  • pl Adam Swiercz
  • sl Mihael Simonič
  • zh_CN Li Edouard
Do you want to help us with translations? Contact us.


Special thanks to Anwiki partners: Any partnership opportunities? Contact us.


Anwiki is based on free softwares:
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