addon_import_dokuwiki - Import Dokuwiki accounts

This component will import all user accounts from an existing setup of Dokuwiki.
Passwords can't be imported from Dokuwiki, but new ones are generated.

Addon releases history

Date Version Download Supported Anwiki version(s)
11/11/2009 zip tgz

What's in?

  • A new action for importing existing Dokuwiki users into Anwiki.

How does it work?

  • To execute or simulate a new import from Dokuwiki, go to "manage" area and choose "Import from Dokuwiki".
  • Enter installation path of your Dokuwiki setup, to simulate a new import of Dokuwiki users.
  • Validate to start the real importation of Dokuwiki users. Let the checkbox checked so that imported users will get their new passwords by email.
  • Importation results are displayed, including the list of new passwords which have been affected to imported users.
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