addon_phpbb3 - Single Sign-On with phpBB3

This plugin synchronizes Anwiki accounts and sessions with phpBB3 (Single Sign-On).

Addon releases history

Date Version Download Supported Anwiki version(s)
04/09/2009 zip tgz

What's in?

  • A single sign-on plugin for synchronizing Anwiki with phpBB3

How does it work?

  • Association is made between Anwiki login and phpBB login.
    If you already have existing phpBB accounts, they all must have created an Anwiki account with the same login, before enabling this plugin!
    They won't be able to register a new Anwiki account with their existing phpBB login when this plugin is enabled, to avoid collisions.

  • When an user logs into Anwiki, a phpBB account will be created if there is no phpBB account with this login. Then, the phpBB session is opened.
    Warning: When user logs into phpBB, he won't be logged into Anwiki.It's recommanded to DISABLE login from phpBB.

  • When user updates his Anwiki profile (email, password), it will automatically update the phpBB one
    Warning: When user updates his phpBB profile, it WON'T update Anwiki's one. It's recommanded to DISABLE personal info edition on phpBB.

  • When user registers in Anwiki, a phpBB account will automatically be created.
    Warning: When user registers in phpBB, it WON'T create an Anwiki account. It's recommanded to DISABLE registration on phpBB.
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