addon_synctrfiles - Import, synchronize and export translation files

This addon enables developers to import, synchronize and export various translation files (PO, PHP).
PHP programming skills are required to set-up your own translation files handlers.

Addon releases history

Date Version Download Supported Anwiki version(s)
09/04/2009 zip tgz

What's in?

  • An action for synchronizing and exporting translation files, from the "manage" area
  • An example of translation files handler

How does it work?

  1. The providen action needs to be overridden for declaring your own translation files handlers.
    You have to edit the file _override/actions/action_synctrfiles/action_synctrfiles.php, given as an example, to tell the system where to import/export your translation files.
  2. Then, synchronize your translation files: they will be imported/updated into Anwiki.
  3. Translation files can be translated on-the-fly, like any other structured content in Anwiki
  4. Export translation files
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