Anwiki 0.1.0 alpha 1

Released on 09/13/2008
After more than one year of confidential development, the first public release of Anwiki is finally unveiled!
Download now 0.1.0 alpha 1 09/13/2008

Anwiki 0.1.0 alpha 1 - Important notice

This release should be considered as alpha version and experimental.
There are a number of non-blocking problems known, and probably a bunch undiscovered bugs.
And don't worry if default styles and templates are ugly and unfinished, it will evolve in future releases.

However, the main features should work correctly and should be enough stable for starting editing multilingual contents!
Global architecture is also ready and it's already possible to write your own components for extending Anwiki features, and overriding default ones.

An automatic installer will guide you for installing and configuring Anwiki.

There is no documentation available for the moment, except the ./docs/ folder in released archive.
A complete multilingual documentation is under creation, thanks for your patience.

Although Anwiki has been already translated in several languages, translation files were not included in this release.
User interface is only available in english for this release, other languages will be integrated on next releases.

Security warning
Anwiki enables you to edit and run your own PHP scripts online. This can achieve a lot of interesting things when used correctly, but this can also be potentially harmful.
Be very careful when assigning permissions and privileges to users, avoid logging in as administrator from public computers, and only enable dynamic PHP code execution if you know exactly what you are doing.

New features

  • Multilingual content management
  • Structured contents edition
  • Performances improvements
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