Anwiki 0.2.0

Released on 04/10/2009
Many improvements were achieved since last release!
Anwiki 0.2.0 should be stable enough for production usage.

Anwiki 0.2.0 - Important notice

This release is considered as stable enough for production usage.
Default styles and templates are ugly, override it with your own design!

Online documentation is available
Please read the multilingual online documentation for learning about installing, updating and using Anwiki.

Translation files have been included in this release!
User interface is partially translated in the following languages: ar, de, en, fr, it, pl, zh_CN.
Thanks to our translators!

Ready for installing addons!
Anwiki can easily be extended by installing many addons.

Security warning
Anwiki enables you to edit and run your own PHP scripts online. This can achieve a lot of interesting things when used correctly, but this can also be potentially harmful.
Be very careful when assigning permissions and privileges to users, avoid logging in as administrator from public computers, and only enable dynamic PHP code execution if you know exactly what you are doing.

New features

  • Enhanced install process (pre-defined settings)
  • Configuration editor improved (generating cleaner override configuration files, refreshing components list)
  • Refactored settings system
  • Many improvements with addons/components management (dependencies management, can't be enabled before being configured)
  • Included translation files for the following languages: ar, de, en, fr, it, pl, zh_CN
  • And more!

Bug fixes

  • Install fails on Windows Apache server
  • AutoSync engine sometimes looses translations after complex content edition
  • Modifications are lost when adding multivalued fields instances
  • Broken forms actions when urlrewriting is disabled
  • Various minor bug fixes
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