Anwiki 0.2.1

Released on 01/11/2010
This is a maintenance release to fix bugs reported from the 0.2.0 release.

Anwiki 0.2.1 - Important notice

Upgrade procedure can be found on upgrade guide.
Warning: it's important to clear your cache after upgrading, as explained in the upgrade guide.

New features

  • Forms and links now explicitly target "index.php". Previous behavior can be chosen by editing "location" settings, from global setup.

Bug fixes

  • Install failed with MySQL4
  • Install failed when no prefix was specified
  • Invalid HTML code was generated for iframes
  • Explicit error message when installing without having MySQL installed
  • htaccess-DISABLED renamed to .htaccess-DISABLED
  • Translations were not correctly escaped, breaking translation string with German
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