Anwiki 0.2.3

Released on 09/19/2010
This is a maintenance release to fix bugs reported from the 0.2.2 release.

Anwiki 0.2.3 - Important notice

Upgrade procedure can be found on upgrade guide.

New features

  • HTML attribute can now be translated, using the new attr tag. This is especially useful for translating buttons, alt or title attributes...
    In example, enabling translation for a submit button value: <input type="submit"><attr name="value">Your translation here</attr></input>
    Translating a link title: <a href="#"><attr name="title">Your translation here</attr></a>
  • hreflang attribute is now set for internal links
  • In translation mode, "auto-update" feature is now disabled by default
  • Namespaces are now supported in XML contents

Bug fixes

  • Fixed permissions for actions diff, lastchange, history
  • Fixed translation mode for Internet Explorer
  • Fixed IPv6 incompatibility
  • Fixed broken links from sitemap
  • Fixed "edit potentially unsafe contents" for translation mode
  • Fixed various bugs with revert action
  • Fixed wrong time for GMT+0 timezone
  • Fixed various HTML markups for strict XHTML validation
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